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High maintenance things we do to be a low maintenance cat owner: cat litter tray edition
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High maintenance things we do to be a low maintenance cat owner: cat litter tray edition

Owning a cat brings happiness, cuddles, and, well, the inevitable chore of cleaning out the litter tray. However, fear not! Over our years of owning cats and experience "in the cat litter industry," we've compiled our top 5 tips and tricks to minimise the hours spent cleaning litter trays.

1. Get a natural cat litter subscription: If you haven't yet discovered the magic of clumping litter, prepare for a game-changer. Natural clumping litter not only simplifies the cleaning process but using a great clumping litter means you can go weeks without doing a full tray change. Use a natural litter instead of a clay or silica based litter to reduce your impact on the environment, and set up a subscription so you never have to think about buying or ordering litter again.

2. Invest in a litter with excellent odour control. The key to a pleasant cat-litter experience lies in selecting a litter with superior odour control. Invest in a brand that effectively neutralises unpleasant smells, ensuring that your living space remains fresh and you’re not lighting candles every time someone visits!

3. Embrace the daily scoop routine: Remember that TikTok trend about high-maintenance activities for low-maintenance living? Apply the concept to your cat care routine by spending a mere 2-3 minutes each day scooping out all the faeces and urine. Consistency is key, and this daily habit will keep your cat's loo spotless and stink-free.

4. Master the litter scoop technique: Achieving perfection in the scoop technique is an art. Imagine a cat creating a neat little well and perfectly aiming for it during their morning pee. They create the perfect clump which you can neatly scoop out after 30 mins of solidifying leaving no remnants behind. While this ideal scenario may happen around 80% of the time, we all know what happens for the remaining 20%: your cat decides to dig a hole down to the tray and pee straight on it, leaving pee to spread and form a pancake clump on the base of the tray. Or they kick the clump to pieces when burying it post-pee. Invest time in meticulous scooping to ensure you catch every little bit, making your litter tray last longer between changes.

5. Gently does it when it comes to scooping: When scooping, adopt a gentle approach. Scraping the scoop along the bottom of the tray and flipping are essential techniques to ensure you don’t stab and break a solid clump - we all know that devastating feeling when we break a clump in half!   

In summary, with the right litter and a disciplined daily routine, the dreaded chore of cleaning the litter tray can become a breeze. Implement these top five tips, and you'll find yourself spending less time on cat litter maintenance and more time enjoying the delightful company of your cat (if they let you). And if you switch to our litter while following these tips, you’ll be able to get a good 30-40 days use out of your one tray with top-ups.

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