Litter scoop made from recycled ocean plastic

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Our cat litter scoop is made from 100% recycled plastic that is Ocean Bound Plastic certified. 

Ocean Bound Plastic is plastic waste that washes up on the beach or is collected within a 6 mile radius of the coast and then recycled. The plastic is sorted into types, cleaned and recycled. It is then repurposed into high-quality material that our scoops are made from!
Our cat litter scoops are designed to make removing clumps from your cat litter easy and efficient. It has a large scooping surface area to make scooping large cat litter trays quick.

The ideal sized holes ensure maximum non-soiled cat litter returns to the tray, reducing waste. The top of the cat litter scoop is designed to be flush with the tray when scooping cat litter to make it easy for clumps to remain in tact, also reducing waste.

The cat litter scoop is easy to clean with soapy water and there is a hole on the handle so you can hang your scoop up, to ensure maximum hygiene. 
Made in EU

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