How does the price of Tippaws compare to other leading dry cat food? 

We've compared our pricing to some of the other leading dry foods on the market. We haven't named the brands as our aim isn't to be disparaging towards other companies, it's to give you a benchmark of how Tippaws is priced against comparable dry cat foods. We aren't cheaper than some of these dry foods, this is because we have a higher percentage protein than them. 
Percentage protein (meat or fish)
Tippaws 18.00 70%
A 25.84 65%
B 14.85 61%
C 23.04 57%
D 23.39 51%
E 14.85 40%
F 16.50 32%
G 16.65 31%
H 22.00 31%

The criteria to be included in the comparison list are:

  • Marketed as premium 
  • Marketed as high meat content 
  • Added vitamins & minerals 
  • Adult cat food - either turkey or chicken based recipe
  • Sold in either premium pet food stores or on their own website i.e. not supermarket 

Tippaws pricing is based on 5kg bag of Turkey & Chicken