Sustainability at Tippaws

At Tippaws we are committed to sustainability and understand the impact of pet industry products and packaging on the environment, as well as the potential social impacts.

We are also committed to transparency about where we are as a company when it comes to sustainability as well as our efforts to continually improve.

On this page we look at what we are doing well, where we could do better and what's planned over the next year to move us forward as a company.

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Food ingredients

Our dry food is made in the UK with ingredients sourced in the UK and EU. If you'd like any more information about where specific ingredients are sourced from, please email us at

You can see a full list of our ingredients and why we use them in our ingredients glossary.

In the unlikely event that we can't source our ingredients from UK/EU e.g. when there are extreme shortages, we may have to look further afield for ingredients.

FSC - Tippaws

Litter composition

Our litter is made from corn and wood. We are proud to hold an FSC® promotional licence that allows us to promote our FSC-certified cat litter, we are one of only 1,622 companies globally to hold one.  By choosing this product, you help take care of the world’s forests. Learn more:

Compost - Tippaws

Litter disposal

Our litter is compostable and has OK Compost certification. Our litter has undergone testing as part of the certification and after 6 months at an ambient temperature (36C), 90% of our litter had degraded.

If you are composting your litter at home, please remember to ensure you are heating your litter to safe temperatures and taking all the necessary precautions from a health and safety perspective. You can find out more about how to do this in our Litter Guide

Our litter is designed to be extremely long-lasting in order to reduce waste even if you don't compost it.

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Litter scoop composition

Our litter scoops are made from recycled ocean plastic that is washed up on the beach or collected from the coast.

Ocean Bound Plastic is plastic waste that is washed up on the beach or is collected within a 6 mile radius of the coast and then recycled.

The material is sorted according to type (PET, polypropylene and polyethylene), cleaned and recycled. It is then made into high-quality products such as our litter scoops!

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Food packaging

The situation today

Our dry food packaging is unfortunately not yet widely recyclable. This is due to the salmon / trout oils in our food requiring a lining in the bag to prevent it spotting through the bag.

The good news is we have a partnership with Terracyle who are able to recycle these bags on your behalf. If you would like us to collect your empty Tippaws dry food bags to recycle them, please email us at

What we have planned for the future

We are working on recyclable dry food packaging expect to launch home-recyclable packaging in Autumn of 2023.

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Litter & litter scoop packaging

Our clumping litter packaging is fully recyclable in home recycling boxes.

Our scoops come loose with no secondary packaging to reduce waste.

Goals for 2023

  • Complete a BCorp Impact Assessment by end of April to understand key areas of improvement and communicate these on this website page
  • Fully recyclable packaging across all products
  • Test carbon neutral delivery via electric bikes by end of 2023
  • Test a proportion of orders going out of a carbon neutral warehouse (powered by solar panels)
  • Build our 2025 strategic sustainability plan and communicate it