How much does cat litter cost?

A cat litter may seem really affordable at face value when you see it on the supermarket shelf, however you need to consider how much litter you will need to use in order to understand the true cost.

We've put together a price comparison guide for clumping litters on the market, to show you the true monthly cost of the litter based on how much you need to use and the unit price.

We have also added some additional information: the amount of waste saved vs. the average clumping litter. This is based on calculating the amount of litter used vs. the average of all the litters below. Tippaws long-lasting clumping litter gives you the best waste savings all clumping litters compared, at an affordable price given the amount you need to use.

As with all our comparisons, our goal is not to be disparaging to other companies so we have removed their names. 

Comparing the price of Tippaws Long-lasting Clumping Cat Litter with other premium brands 

Brand Type L/month £/month Waste saved vs average clumping
Tippaws Clumping 4-6L depending on size of cat. Calculations based on 6L £10.15 when you subscribe to 24L 4.05
Brand 1 Clumping 8.33 8.33 1.72
Brand 2 Clumping 14.00 9.34 -3.95
Brand 3 Clumping 10.00 9.53 0.05
Brand 4 Clumping 14.00 12.18 -3.95
Brand 5 Clumping 14.00 12.74 -3.95
Brand 6 Clumping 12.00 12.99 -1.95
Brand 7 Clumping 10.00 14.00 0.05
Brand 8 Clumping 12.80 15.00 -2.75
Brand 9 Clumping 10.00 17.99 0.05

Use our Cat Litter Calculator for a more personalised cost estimate for Tippaws litter depending on how many cats you have and your size of tray. 

Which factors contribute to the cost of cat litter?

When it comes to the cost of cat litter, there are several factors at play. One of the major contributors to the high price is the quality of the ingredients used. Premium cat litters often contain natural and organic materials that are more expensive to source. More often than not, they are more expensive to source because the process of getting them is better for the environment. For example, the wood and corn in Tippaws Long-lasting Clumping Litter are by-products so they have to be converted into a usable material to make our litter. The higher quality of the ingredients also mean you will be getting superior odour control and they will be better for your cat’s health.

Another factor that determines the cost of cat litter is the manufacturing process. Premium cat litters undergo extensive testing and quality control measures to ensure they meet the highest standards. This meticulous process ensures that the litter is safe for your cat and effectively absorbs moisture, minimising the risk of accidents.

In addition, premium cat litters often incorporate advanced technologies, such as antimicrobial agents, to further enhance their performance. These innovations come at a price but provide added benefits, such as superior odour control and reduced bacterial growth.

Shipping costs are also a big contributing factor to the cost of litter. Whether this is at supermarkets or online, the cost of transporting heavy litter on road, sea or plane is expensive for any brand.