Catteries, charities and vets

Our mission is to make all cats purr, and of course we recognise that not all cats have regular access to food or care. In fact, there are over 250,000 urban stray cats in the UK that don't and so desperately need it. That's the equivalent of Plymouth's human population.

Our mission is to make these cats purr again too, so we donate 50p per order of 5kg of dry food to small cat charities up and down the country. Our goal is to increase this to £1 per order by Summer 2023 and contribute to making all cats purr in other meaningful ways.

We provide special discounts on our dry cat food and clumping cat litter for cat charities and cat rescues. We are also happy to provide free samples to include in re-homing packs.

If you work for or own another type cat organisation such as catteries, cat hotels or vets and you'd like to order in bulk quantities, we are also happy to discuss special discounted pricing for cat food and cat litter.

Please email us at with your request or for more information.