We're Tippaws and we make cats purr

Whether it's through a healthy and nutritious diet, the highest-quality litter or providing insights on how your cat can live its best life, we want every cat to purr that little bit more.

Our name, Tippaws, comes from the fact that cats love our food so much, they're always on their tippy-paws trying to get to it 🐾😻

We know not all cats have access to love and care, so we donate to cat rescues every time you order with us.

Who we are

We're a small, independently owned company based in South West London. Our founder, Rachel, is cat obsessed and has two British Shorthairs, Gus and Maisie. She also volunteers at a local cat rescue centre.

Gus is 4 years old, a sensitive soul and a stomach to match. He needs high protein food or he has a dodgy tummy, and needs dry food to clean his teeth daily due to his face shape.

Maisie is 3 years old and the opposite to Gus - she is robust and has never had a bad reaction to food, however she is extremely fussy and will turn her nose up at most cat food.

How did we start?

Having had cats all her life, Rachel realised that every cat is completely different, both physiologically and mentally. She realised that every time her or her friends got a new cat, they were essentially starting from scratch - their likes and dislikes, their interests, their mood - everything was different.

After spending years researching cats, Rachel completed an Animal Behaviour certificate at Oxford University to further her knowledge in the industry.

Rachel worked in the petcare industry (running Natusan) and decided to start a company, Tippaws, that would give cat owners the comfort of knowing the research on the best food recipes, best litter composition, best toys etc. has been done for them (you'll find them in our ever-growing shop!). Tippaws also provides a forum for cat owners to learn, chat and share knowledge on how to be the best purr-inducing cat owners they can.

What do we want to achieve?

We're just getting started so our current focus is providing excellent products and customer service to you. But, we have big goals!

Our mission is to make all cats purr, and of course we recognise that not all cats have regular access to food or care. In fact, there are over 250,000 urban stray cats in the UK, 300,000 cats living on farms and 150,000 cats in shelters at any one time. That's 700,000 stray cats in the UK.

Our mission is to make these cats purr again too and we want to have the greatest impact possible, so more you spend with us, the more we'll donate:

£5-£29.99 - we'll donate 10p

£30-£49.99 - we'll donate 30p

£50-£69.99 - we'll donate 50p

£70-£99.99 - we'll donate £2

£100+ - we'll donate £5

As we grow, we'll be able to increase these donation amounts.