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How to reduce cat litter tracking
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How to reduce cat litter tracking

Making the switch to natural litter is great for you, your cat and the planet. It will make your life easier as it's much lighter than other litters and generally they are clumping so it will drastically reduce the number of full tray changes you need to do. Natural litters are also less likely to have a scent and are soft on paws, so they are more comfortable for your cat to use. Finally, they are biodegrable and so much better for the environment. 

How do I stop natural cat litter tracking?

When cat litter escapes the tray, this is called tracking.

First, you need to use a low-tracking litter. Our Long-lasting Clumping Litter is low-tracking compared to other natural litters on the market. Less than 0.5% of litter in the tray will be carried out of the tray on your cats paws. Low-tracking natural litters are generally granular in composition and high-tracking litters are generally finer in composition and may look like wood-shavings or a sort of oat texture. The finer the litter, the lighter it will be and more likely to get stuck to your cats paws.

Next up, having a tray that has a high lip means it is even less likely that your cat will carry litter out of the tray as they will need to step up and out, so the excess litter will drop in the tray during this motion.

Finally, and most importantly, we highly recommend using a tracking mat for any litter. The Pet's Corner mat is the best on the market - trust us, we've tried them all! Tracking mats catch the litter particles when a cat steps on them so that you reduce the likelihood of litter getting beyond the mat and onto your floor.

What if my cat doesn't like an enclosed tray?

Ultimately, the most important thing is making sure your cat has a litter tray they are comfortable using. If they prefer an open tray there are other things you can do to reduce tracking and to keep bad smells in.

Conclusion: litter tracking can be annoying, but with the right litter, an enclosed high-lip tray and a tracking mat, you can reduce tracking down to nearly zero. If you keep a little dust pan and brush next to your tray, you can sweep up the odd granules when you see them. Ultimately, the benefits of natural litter outweigh the slight annoyance of some tracking when you have this setup. 

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