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What cat litter accessories do I need?
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What cat litter accessories do I need?

From litter scoops and tracking mats to odour control products and litter tray liners, there are so many litter accessories available to purchase at pet shops or online. We explain which litter accessories are actually useful and which ones are gimmicky so you only get what you really need!

Essential cat litter accessories

  1. Litter scoop: A litter scoop is a must-have accessory for any cat owner. It is used to remove poo or urine clumps from the litter tray, and helps to keep the litter clean and fresh. There are many different types of litter scoops available, from metal to plastic, but the most important thing is to find one that is sturdy and easy to use and that the hole sizes works well with your chosen cat litter. Some scoops even come with a built-in bin or holder, but this isn’t really necessary as long as you have a designated scoop surface (we use a kitten litter tray).
  2. Litter tray: A litter tray is obviously essential as it provides a designated area for your cat to do their business. It is important to choose a litter tray that suits your cat's needs and preferences. Some cats prefer covered litter trays, while others prefer open ones. Some litter trays have a hood or a flap to provide privacy, while others are more open and airy. It is also important to choose a litter tray that is the right size for your cat, and to keep it in a quiet and private area of your home.
  3. Dedicated cleaning clothes and sponges. It’s very important to keep your litter tray cleaning clothes and sponges separate to any others. We always recommend buying brightly coloured ones so you don’t mix them. Change these for new ones frequently to ensure maximum hygiene.
  4. Litter tracking mat: Some people may consider a litter mat a nice to have but we consider it essential at Tippaws HQ! Not only does it reduce any tracking in your house, but it also provides a surface for your cat to touch before stepping on your floor. For example, if they walk in cat pee in the tray when buying and then walk on the mat, it will reduce the amount of cat pee that makes it to your floor!

Litter accessories that are nice to have

  1. Odour control products such as deodoriser or cat litter freshener: Odour control products, such as sprays and powders, can be a useful accessory to have if you are concerned about the smell of your cat's litter tray. These products work by neutralising odours and keeping the litter tray smelling fresh and clean. However, it is important to choose odour control products that are safe for your cat and do not contain any harmful chemicals or fragrances. We don’t use these at Tippaws HQ as Tippaws Long-lasting Clumping Litter has excellent control but we know some people like this spray from Pets at Home.  
  2. Dedicated cat litter bin: A dedicated cat litter bin is great if you compost your litter. You can also use a Litter Genie to store your clumps before adding them to your compost heap. Not all people compost their litter so it’s not relevant for everyone, however a litter bin may be useful even if you are throwing away your litter waste. 
  3. Cat litter storage container: if you buy huge bulk bags of cat litter or use heavy litter such as clay litter, it may be easier to decant the litter into a storage box and scoop it out into your tray. However, we would always recommend using a lighter litter than is easily transported and doesn’t weigh very much instead, such as Tippaws Long-lasting Clumping Litter as it’s much more convenient! 

Cat litter accessories you don't need

  1. Litter tray furniture: This is a trendy accessory that is designed to hide the litter tray and make it look more like a piece of furniture, for example a cat litter cupboard. While it may look nice, it is not necessary and can be quite expensive. In addition, some cats may not like the enclosed space and may prefer an open litter tray. Having said this, if you have a small flat and there is nowhere private to put your litter tray, of course these are useful! 
  2. Automatic litter trays: Automatic litter trays are another accessory that may seem useful, but are not necessary. They are designed to automatically remove waste from the litter tray, but can be quite expensive and may not work as well as advertised. In addition, some cats may be frightened by the noise and movement of the automatic litter tray.
  3. Litter tray liners: While litter tray liners may seem like a good idea, they can actually cause more problems than they solve. Some cats may scratch and tear at the liner, causing it to leak or tear. In addition, the liner can trap moisture and bacteria, making the litter tray smell worse and increasing the risk of infection.

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