How much animal protein is in your dry cat food?

Have you ever wondered how much protein is in your dry cat food versus what you are paying for the food? Well, wonder no longer! We have created a calculator that will allow you to select your current dry cat food brand and see how much animal protein you are getting per pound spent on the food. We created this tool to show you that while a cat food may be technically nutritionally complete, you may be surprised about what you are actually paying for.

We were inspired to launch this tool when at an event recently, someone said that their cat loved a sample of Tippaws dry food he had tried but it was more expensive than "Brand X" so he wasn't sure if he was going to make the switch. We looked up the composition of "Brand X's" dry food together and saw that the recipe he usually buys has 30% animal protein in it (versus Tippaws' 70%) which explained why it could be sold at a much lower price point.

Ultimately, it's a choice for any cat owner - the benefits of high animal protein food are well known for cats, if you value the benefits and are willing to invest more in your cats health, then a high protein food like Tippaws dry food is the right choice for you.

 If you need help using the protein calculator email us the food you currently buy at and we will calculate it for you.